The Story Behind Homestead K&C

Rooted in Columbiana, Ohio, Homestead Kitchen and Cocktails is a unique new restaurant that serves exceptional cuisine with select microbrews, wine and craft cocktails in a casual, warm setting.

Our farm-to-table philosophy embraces a sustainable approach to agriculture and dining.  At its heart, the concept is simple: there is value in eating locally.

We partner with nearby farms and food producers to offer diners an ever-changing menu with a strong community connection.  Our chef creates dishes with the best premium meats and seafood, as well as vegan options.  Savor fruits and vegetables at their prime, harvested from our very own two acre garden across the street.  Craft cocktails have become an art at Homestead K&C, made from scratch, with herbs plucked from our fifteen foot, astounding, behind-the-bar herb wall.  We put the craft back in the cocktail.  The herb wall is self sustainable and sits a top our twenty beer tap system, which accommodates our favorite local microbrews.

The original concept created by Kyle Bullen is now perpetuated by his brother Jarod and his parents Dennis and Ann along with Homestead’s amazing staff.  It was Kyle’s vision to make a better world with the restaurant being the vehicle to do so.  Our restaurant is certified by the Green Restaurant Association for our continual effort to become as environmentally responsible as we possibly can.  Our garden is water efficient by using recycled rain to maintain its nutrients and growth.  The flooring behind the bar and in the kitchen are all made from recycled tires, along with all of the wood having been sourced locally and responsibly.  It is our mission to carry on Kyle’s legacy through the restaurant and help create a more eco-friendly environment to live in while making amazing food and providing a common ground for family and friends to create unforgettable memories with one another. 

We are the “Taste of the Valley” best overall restaurant in 2018, and truly do hope to become your local favorite.